Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Day in the Woods

Friday was the last nice day in the forecast for a while. Capt. Steve was chartered for the day, so we took a ride to the trout streams. The temperatures barely rose above freezing in the country, and there was even some snow on the ground from the previous evening. The trail leading into the area I wanted to fish was covered in ice and snow, but I found plenty of clear areas upstream and was the only angler out there. I landed a brown trout on my second cast, but only had one other bite the rest of the morning. The water was very cold and clear, with ice along the shoreline. Plenty of wildlife to enjoy too. We had an immature Bald Eagle fly right over us, chased by three crows. Plenty of hawks, and winter song birds ( Bluebirds, Nuthatches, Juncos...) and we even walked up on some deer in a field of Christmas trees. A nice day for late January, but today I spent the morning with the snow thrower, clearing away the snow, rain, snain, and snit. Bye the way, Capt. Steve did catch a few nice blackfish, so if the weather improves, we may try again.

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