Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cool Stuff

Monday we fished a few hours on the local reef and had a few nice blackfish. Tuesday we headed offshore on the J II and picked at some jumbo porgies and a few keeper sea bass. A ten pound cod took the pool and an eight pound fluke was also landed. The cool part of the day were the schools of feeding bluefin tuna all around the boat, all day. They were of all sizes and were staying on schools of mackeral and herring, rolling on the surface under working birds. We came upon one school that stayed under the bow in an attempt to hook one, but they looked like submarines in the water, about 200lbs. and thought we better not. Pretty cool to see. When we got home I thought the Christmas decorations were moving, but it was our resident deer family roaming the neighborhood. This morning I looked out the window, and a Great Horned Owl was sitting on the front lawn. It's pretty cool living in the woods.

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