Saturday, December 17, 2016

It Ain't Over Yet

Fridays charter was cancelled due to cold and wind. It was first mate Tim B.'s birthday trip and around 9am the phone rang. It was Capt. Steve and he said the other boats are out, and we are leaving at 10am. The Boss was on the couch, sitting by the fire and told me to go have a good time with myself and I wondered if I was making a mistake as it was 18 degrees on my way to the boat. When I arrived the engines were warming up and an all star crew of captains and mates were onboard. A short ride up to the old "red church" grounds, only a couple miles off, and we set up to fish on a flat calm ocean. The cabin of the Skylarker has good heat, and it was not bad fishing in the sunshine. Everyone had bites as we picked away, keeping some of the bigger ones to take home. Pretty good fishing in only fifty feet and we are expecting them to bite into next month and are planning to sail on nice weather days. Be ready when I call!

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