Friday, December 9, 2016

Settling into Winter

We wanted to try fishing this week but with rain and wind we could not make it come together. Porgies are still offshore along with some sea bass and bluefish, but it is not like the fishing of the past few seasons. Blackfish is still the same, only a shadow of what this fishery used to be years ago. I used to look foward to December fishing, big blackfish out at 17 Fathoms, cod offshore (and sometimes inshore) , ling and whiting and mackeral, those were the days. Thursday was cold and calm and with shotgun deer season going on in the woods, we changed plans and headed to the beach instead. Out at the State Park, there were about twenty trucks on the beach and a handfull of boats searching for striped bass. I talked to some of the fisherman, and not much was going on, and I only saw one bass caught. It looked and felt like winter as we explored the dunes and thickets and trails through the woods, checking out the plants and birds. I may try that surf fishing in the future. It looked like fun because no boat was involved.

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