Monday, September 24, 2018

Fall Fishing

Fluke season officially ended but it was really over weeks ago when the east wind started blowing. Usually there is a period of east winds in September, but this year it was all summer long. We have been out a few times and catch a few porgies and throw back nice sea bass on a lumpy ocean. I would like to try an inshore tuna trip, but it has to be on a short notice as we have only been able to fish weather windows. Today the east wind was relentless and all boats tied up. It was even too rough for the beach as the high tides compromised the dunes. We spent a couple hours soaking crab traps down the road and had a good time watching the, osprey, bald eagles, kingfisher, blue herons and hawks. Just when I thought it would be a bust, a few showed up and we went home with seven big blue claws. I heard some boys in a private boat fished the "Pioneer banks" and had a good catch of blackfish up to ten pounds that all went back. Sea bass season opens 10/8, if this wind stops blowing.

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