Friday, September 14, 2018

Rough Weather

God bless the people in the Carolinas. The damage from hurricane Florence will start to be evident over the weekend. After the remnants of Gordon spawned a low pressure last Monday, we have had a never ending easterly fetch. Wednesday, the wind subsided and we wanted to try our favorite beach spot, but the fog was so thick you could not see across the street, so we headed to a local crab spot. We took our time getting there and was surprised when we had the whole place to ourselves. A few hours later, fifteen big blue claws were in the basket. Yesterday was raining here, so we took care of a few errands, and planned to hit the beach today. The ride down was damp and breezy and you could feel a hurricane was near. We walked out to our favorite spot and had some action despite the dingy looking water and all the sea weed. I had some snapper blues, a short fluke and a couple of good sized fish that came unbuttoned. Evelyn also lost a nice fish that I think was a fluke. We walked around the point to look at the ocean from a safe distance and it was wet, wild and white. When we arrived it was an hour and a half after low tide, but the water was already as high as a normal high tide, and we retreated to the truck before the water reached the dunes, just in time to beat a heavy rain band from the storm. We will try again next week as it is the last week of the fluke season.

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