Thursday, September 20, 2018

Two More Days of Fluke Season

If you did not figure out fluke fishing from a boat is a waste of time, pay attention to this report. We hit the beach today at first light and had immediate action with snapper blues. An adventure out to our favorite spot produced more little blues and a bunch of short fluke. As the tide eased, we worked our way back down the beach and found a bunch of biting fish. All the "surf" fishermen, with their fancy trucks, were catching twelve to fourteen inch bluefish with eleven foot rods. Evelyn and I were landing a fluke ever other cast and at times had two on, with ten pound dinky poles. The ranger stopped by, and asked what those fish were, as no one else was catching them. At that time I hooked a good one and showed him what a keeper fluke looked like. If you have never had a fluke dinner two hours after the fluke was swimming along with a baked potato and tomato salad that was picked this week at the local farm, well....That's why we don't go out to eat. Our biggest problem is these fluke will bite for another month.

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