Thursday, January 24, 2019

A Winter Adventure

We had to get out of the house after the recent cold snap and headed to the beach. Driving out over the causeway, the Barnegat bay was completely frozen over. The winter beach is a wild and lonely place, and I almost wished I had brought the fishing gear, as the surf was clean and green and it felt mild in the sunshine. Instead we had the binoculars, and were ready to discover the snowy owls that winter over in the park. We headed south and there was enough cloud cover to make excellent viewing conditions. A little less then two miles in, we found a large male snowy on the second dune from the beach, close enough to get a picture. They are magnificent creatures and it never gets old finding one. We picked up some interesting shells on the way back to the truck. After lunch, we went on some trails on the back side and took pictures of the frozen bay. It looks like the mild weather will continue for a few days, and if enough anglers are interested we will go after the blackfish one more time.

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