Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ugly Cold

Damn, it's cold. That was a wild little five minute, white-out blizzard that brought in the cold air yesterday. Now we are stuck in the house with single digit temps. It was not too bad the other day, so we took a ride to the lighthouse. When I stepped from the truck and looked in the water, a big face was looking back at me. At least three big horsehead seals were hanging around the inlet. There were also a lot of birds but we did not find any winter exotics. We drove down to the other end of the island to check out the beach at Holgate. Everything was shut down, all the beach access was closed, the parking lots were chained shut and it was like "go away, we're closed." LBI is the real New Jersey part of the shore, crowded and over built like the rest of the state. I would not go out there in the summer for anything.  It is the opposite of the Bayshore area where we live on the mainland. Well, today I am sure the bay is frozen again and we have two more months of this winter to look forward to.

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