Monday, January 21, 2019

Blood Wolf Moon

The strange winter storm passed, bringing in the coldest air of the season. The NW gale has been raging for two days and combining with the full moon, it is causing the lowest tide you will ever see. I am sure there are going to be all types of low water issues. It would be perfect for clamming, but with the high temperature at 15 degrees and a forty knot breeze, I ain't leaving the house! And speaking of the moon, I got up to watch the eclipse and wasn't too impressed as I have seen the "blood moon" in the past and this one didn't compare. Fishing was good the day before the storm as it usually is. Capt Steve ran the Ocean Explorer and came in one or two fish shy of a full boat limit. Maybe we can get one more crack at them before everything shuts down until April.

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